Experience The Best Time Of Your Life At Ningaloo Reef.

humpback whale tours

If you got an adventurous spark in you and want to do something thrilling to remember for life then we have got you covered! Experience the best moments of your life to cherish forever with our Exmouth whale shark tours along with many other interesting water activities at marine bay of Ningaloo reef. We have plenty of amazing activities including snorkel tours, swimming with the sharks, humpback whale safari, 3 hours whale watching and much more.

The season for shark tours is usually from March to June these sharks come out at the coral reef annually in these months which people all across Australia comes to see and enjoy. Best time for the bookings is from July to October for your activities. When these sharks are migrating to warmer waters. Whale sharks feed on plankton and krill which forces them to draw towards the Ningaloo reef. We at coral Bay offer to have a swim with the sharks but only for expert swimmers who know how to swim, we also offer videography and photography of your life time experience with additional charges.

The humpback whale is the most common animal to be seen during whale watching tours, some other animals other than sharks are turtles, manta rays, and dolphins the tours are long and full of thrill and entertainment. Exmouth whale shark tours are 10 hours long which is enough time offered as compared to other 4 to 5 hour long offers. While everyone is swimming our spotter plane stays up. The spotter plane finds you the best of whales to make your experience more exciting.

Every humpback shark tour focuses on a group of people usually a family or friends to give them the experience of their lifetime. Both coral bay and Exmouth have whale shark tours throughout the entire Ningaloo marine park waters Tours operate from both Coral Bay and Exmouth, in the Ningaloo World Heritage Area. Humpback whale tours are conducted throughout the entire Ningaloo Marine Park waters, lighthouse bay, Bundegi beach, and Muiron islands,

Sometimes life gets really boring with the same routine over and over again and it becomes extremely essential to look for something completely new and exciting, but making it interesting is completely in your hand. We promise you to give you an experience you will tell others for the rest of your life. Visit our website today and learn about our different water activities and different packages we offer to make you remember the experience for the life time. See the packages we offer for every water based activity