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What To Do When Holidaying In Bangkok?

Everyone loves taking a break and jetting off to an exotic holiday location for some well-deserved rest and relaxation. For some this involves lazing around by a beach, for other it involves climbing a mountain or exploring a new city.  If you have decided to visit Bangkok as your holiday destination this year then you are in luck – there is so much to see and do in Bangkok! Here are some ideas for what you can do while holidaying in Bangkok.

Site seeing
Bangkok, Thailand’s capital city has plenty of attractions and is a great place to visit! It is also one of the world’s top tourist destinations. While the city is a business centre and is mostly a highly populated urban area in Thailand, it still offers a variety of activities for tourists to engage in. For instance, there are plenty of sites to see and you can easily book a tour that will ensure that you have transport as well as a guide to take you around. While this might be a great idea, it can also get rather expensive, in which case you may prefer to be a little adventurous and explore on your own. There are royal palaces and cultural and historical sites as well as shopping and amazing food to be enjoyed all within the same city – doesn’t that sound great. For instance, after a long days site seeing you could visit a seafood buffet Bangkok to unwind for the evening. You will likely have an amazing view from a sky bar in Bangkok that will let you take in the late night city lights.

What to see
The list of places to visit is truly endless. For instance, you could start by visiting the grand palace. The grand palace is one of the city’s land marks that is not to be missed not only does it feature amazing architecture, it also houses the famous emerald Buddha statue which is truly, a site to see. You could also visit the temple of dawn which is yet another absolutely beautiful site to see, and is not one to be missed. Once again, the building features beautiful Thai architecture and is a testament to the skill of hotel near bts Bangkok craftsmen. You should also try going on a river boat tour to get a real sense of what life in Thailand is all about!

Eat and shop
Thailand and especially Bangkok is known for the great shopping. Do not miss the Chinatown markets where you can shop to your hearts content as well as try some great and unusual food!

The Secret to Making Grandparents Feel Special


As people get older and they start to lose bodily strength and other capabilities, they start to feel left-over. It’s hard for anyone to accept that they are no longer at the centre of everything, and this feeling is usually compounded by their children and grandchildren. This is ever truer in the 21st century when the generational gap has become wider than ever before thanks to the advances in technology we have seen in the last 30 years alone.

It is important to remember however that these elders are precisely the people who spent their entire lives working hard so that our generation, and our parents’ generation, could have the comforts we have today. Thus, it is the duty of every child and grandchild to care for their elders and make them feel special. Here are a few ideas as to how you can make them feel appreciated again:

Take them Someplace Special

Ever heard your grandma speak dreamily about where she and grandpa had their first date? Ever heard your grandfather boast about golf tours he has been on and the cups he has won? If you have the money and the time, take your grandparent/s somewhere special that will bring back fond memories for them.

For instance, if your grandmother won’t shut up about the house she was born in, see if you can find out who lives there now and make a day out of taking her there to see it. Most people will be happy to accommodate you, as long as you have some proof of your claim. As for your golf-crazy granddaddy, he might like to revisit the great links he played on so take a few New Zealand golf tours staggered over three months or so.

Lend an Ear to Yesteryear

Elders love to reminisce. This is partly biological, as their memories worsen over time and therefore their strongest memories are of times before they turned 40. In addition, with all the changes happening around them, they are more than likely to hearken back to earlier times when life was ‘simpler.’ In truth, life is just as difficult or simple now as then, but the effect of romantic memorialisation of the past renders it in rosy colours to adults. So every week or so, set aside a day (and perhaps lots of patience) to spend as much time as possible listening to their tales or yore. You can also dedicate a few minutes each day to listen to them intently and who knows? You may even learn something.

Finding Wedding Themes Within Your Budget


The subject matter of your marriage counts a lot. Traditional themes are very common, but nowadays couples are searching for various creative themes to make their marriage a grand success. Here are 3 themes discussed that make your marriage memorable to all.

1. Country theme

Country weddings in Yarra Valley are becoming very popular nowadays. This sort of marriage theme gives you a wide range of enjoying an outdoor rituals and reception close to a field. You can dress up in your marriage day like a cowboy, with cowboy hats, boots and horses.

These rustic weddings are not so expensive. If you reside in a rural area, this sort of marriage even become less expensive as there are lot of fields and countryside panoramas. On the other hand, living in an urban area will not prevent you to enjoy this theme. You can also hire such a venue that is made to offer the place for this rustic-themed wedding.

These weddings can also be held in classic and comfortable bed and breakfast places that has a space for events. 

2. Early Roman marriage style

Ancient Roman marriage style marriages are very colorful, as the Romans love bright colors, like, red, green, ivory, yellow, purple, white, etc. Hence, you must use these bright colors to decorate your marriage ceremony. Your marriage dress must be sleeveless and up to floor length. You can make a full white dress with red, yellow or purple trims. Use yellow plaited cord to wrap your waist and the end should hang down from the hip. Wear ankle strapped sandals as how the ancient Romans wore. Utilize Roman invitation marriage postcards for inviting your guests. To entertain your guests, hire jugglers, circus performers and poets because the ancient Romans loved to be amused by such persons. For food, you must offer your guests with Caesar dressing salads, red or white wine or scented salts and oils. Use white linens on the tables and keep fruit bowls as showpieces.

3. Fishing theme marriage

If you love fishing, then the bridesmaids should dress up in blue, to represent water. You can wear a fishing hat over your marriage dress. Design your marriage invitation card like a fish. Decorate the walls with fish nettings and get the artist draw a big fish on the wall. On the balloons stick fish stickers. Add fishing poles around the room and serve food consisting mainly of fish. Fish dishes are very healthy and be sure your guests will appreciate your marriage food. Do not forget to serve your guests with fried, crunchy fishes. Be sure it will be liked by all. Plan your marriage cake in the shape of a big fish; fill the cake with chocolate cream added with almonds and various nuts. It will be an additional attraction for your marriage. Wedding should be conducted in such a way that it could be remembered lifelong.


Transport Tips To Make Your Vacation Easier


A vacation might seem like the perfect time to relax and enjoy an adventure or two, but it can turn into chaos if certain elements are not in place. Meticulous planning is especial vital when it comes to transport, since a missed flight or a vehicle that breaks down in the middle of a long drive can put a damper on your entire vacation. With these considerations in mind, here are some tips on how you can manage your vacation transport.

Plan ahead

If you are planning to drive yourself to your destination, or if you are planning on doing some substantial exploration once you are there, you have the option of using cheap rental cars in Auckland.

However, if possible, make sure that you book these cheap rental cars in advance, so that you won’t be left stranded once you arrive. This might make it significantly easier to explore the region by yourself, so unless you plan on taking a guided tour, you will need to consider your options before departure. When it comes to airplane travel, make sure that you reserve your seats at least a couple of weeks in advance, so that you have plenty of time to plan your ideal route. Early bookings can be easier on your wallet as well, since you might be able to secure some advantageous discounts and deals, as well as to avoid the holiday rush. For your car rental needs in Auckland airport, feel free to visit this site

Take public transport

If you want a cheap alternative to exploration once you arrive at your destination, you have the option of choosing public transport. Travelling by public transport will ensure that you get a closer and more authentic look at the region, and that you get to explore your vacation destination in greater detail. Make your travel smoother by planning your route beforehand, so that you don’t get lost in a strange city. You can use either Google Maps or brochures to plan your route in detail. It might also be helpful to get transit day passes, since this can turn out to be a more cost effective mode of exploration and travel.

Make safety a priority

There is sure to be increased traffic during the holidays, so driving safety will need to be a priority. Traffic as well as unfamiliar environments can lead to potentially volatile and dangerous situations, so you will need to be more vigilant on the road in order to ensure the safety of your travelling companions as well as your own. For this purpose, make sure that you have scheduled regular rest stops along the way, since you will need to manage your fatigue on the journey. Additionally, identify safer routes when planning your journey, so that you can avoid the busier areas.

Add Some Adventure To Your Friendship Diary


As we grow up into adults memories too grow with us. There can be various memories with family, children, and friends. All these memories would not be the same. And these memories would vary from one another. However no matter how old we get, we always would have friends in our life. Friends play a major role in a person’s life. a friend is someone who would always be there to support you at times of hardship, Pamper you when you fee l low, advise you in situations you would seek for advise, help you get away from problems you are caught up with and more over a friend would make sure you stand on your heels with your head low. There are various ways you can spend time with your friends. The best way is by planning on trips which are adventurous. Hiking, diving, bungee jumping and mountain climbing are things that one can plan with a group of friends. With friends there would be less restrictions and you can have the maximum fun of the trip.

How do you plan on a trip?

It is always easy to plan on things using words and to get excited about it. The difficulty arises only when you try to implement your plans. However firstly to plan a trip all the friends must be communicated and informed of the plan. Then a proper adventurous place should be selected by the consent of all the friends in the group. There are however various tour guides and instructors at present to help with planning and implementing trips. Few famous banners that can be sighted are,’ small group tours India, small group tours Cuba and small group tours to South Africa,’ these are all adventurous tour destinations that you can have fun with friends.

India is rich in culture and heritage. Agra and Himalaya are places with beautiful sceneries and mountains. A trip to India would give you few beautiful memories and would add lovely pictures to your diary. Africa is a country which has a rich history in wildlife and preserves wild life in large. If you and your group of friends are people who are in to wild life, a trip to South Africa would be the best choice. However if you are a part of a group of friends who are interested in music, dance, culture and heritage, Cuba is the most suitable place to visit. Because Cuba is famous for its heritage and music and is very famous for salsa dancing. Mosaic Travel provides boutique tours to exotic locations. 

It is always great to spend time with friends. Creating an album and preserving the memories of these trips with your friends will help you to save them and will remind you of the wonderful time you had with your buddies when you are older.

Renting Your House – Maximize Profits

Forget about renting out your house in the normal way. There will be so many people coming in to see it and trying to undercut the price point you have set that it will end up costing you far too much, in broker’s commissions and compromises. Also, when families or other tenants move in, they treat the house like they own it. Far better to find ways to simply make money off of it in a way that maximizes profits and minimizes the inconvenience, like so:

Holiday Home

Turn it into a holiday home that guests can come to for their vacations and rent out for the duration of their stay. If fully furnished and stocked with sanitary necessities and a fridge full of basic food, you can even charge a higher amount than normal. But holiday homes only usually provide the furnishings and the fuel – clothes and sanitary items are the purview of the guests. This way your guests will be in and out of your house within a few weeks at most. If you are lucky, you could squeeze in 2-3 sets of guests in one holiday season.

Corporate Housing

Some corporate entities build their corporate housing as apartments; others rent them. Look around for companies who are open to renting houses around for long term apartments for visiting partners, shareholders or even members of staff.

The benefit of having rented a house as long stay accommodation is that the company has the budget to maintain the house properly and once the contract is over, they will make no fuss if you wish to have the house back. They will also manage all repairs and upgrades in the meantime (although it should be with your permission). On the down side, you will never know for sure who is staying at your house because corporate guests change often and without your knowledge.

Tourist Bungalow

This is similar to a holiday home except that you will rent out the house to a tourist company: a hotel chain, an entertainment company, a travel agency or the national tourist board. The benefits and pitfalls of this is similar to the corporate rental, except that you can rent your house for tourist purposes even if it is in a remote location. In fact, depending on which sector of tourism you approach, the more remote the house, the better. You can also charge a higher rent per month than you would on normal occasions as tourist rates are always higher than normal. Just remember to remove any and all valuables from the house before you let it, like expensive vases or ornaments.